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This is the entirety of the PrismForge network. We host multiple gamemode with very engaging content!


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F1 is a branch off of Old PrismForge/PitForge. It has since been consistantly updated with very custom plugins, to make the server overall very enjoyable. New Ideas are always welcome, and the developement team is constantly improving it's playability.

- RPG Factions w/ Plots
- Custom Raiding
- Giant Custom Warzone
- 330+ Custom Items (Armor/Wands/Melee Weapons/Bows/Shields)
- 90+ Custom Enchants
- Wands??
- FFA Events
- F-Top Elo (Ranked PvP Fights)
- Active Staff
- Custom Bosses
- Envoys/Airdrops
- Sellchests
- Upgradeable Spawners
- Prestige
- Gem Stones
- Weekly Updates