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1. Minecraft Username: 68s
2. Punishment (Ban/Mute/Warn): Ban
3. Punishment Reason: Illegal Deals
4. When you were punished: 08/04/2021 | 21:12
5. Who were you punished by: Death
6. Why do you believe your punishment should be appealed: because i was just kidding and i thought its fine when you ask the owner for a illegal deal, im never doing it again. Sorry my bad :/
7. What Server were you punished on? (F1, F2, Hub Ban): F1


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Staff Team
Thank you for taking the time to write your appeal, I don't believe ignorance of the rules is justification for breaking them.

Please in the future if you have questions about a specific rule, be sure to DM a staff member your question, as that way you'll be less likely to get punished for it.

This time around you have been unbanned, but you will not be unbanned in the future should it happen again. Be sure to read the rules before rejoining the server.
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