StepBroPvp-Ban appeal

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Minecraft Username: StepBroPvp
Punishment: Banned (9Days)
Punishment reason: Afk Grinding
When where you punished: Last night
Who where you punished by: Dange
Why do you believe you punishment should be appealed: I believe my punishment for afk grinding should be appealed because i was never actually afk grinding. I was originally grinding infront of the igs with my water bottle on my space bar so i dont have to hold it down, and i was hitting the igs by myself, my brother was in the room at this time and i had been told that my dinner was ready, So i asked my brother not to do anything but hit the igs, Not to chat or go to spawn or anything, When i had gone down he called me up saying that an admin had just messaged me. I told him not to msg him and that i would do it when i got back up (Obviously he continued hitting) and when i got back up i was banned.
What server where you punished on: F1 (Diamond)


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Staff Team
Hello StepBroPvp, thanks for taking your time and sending in your ban appeal!
Unfortunately your appeal cannot be accepted due to at least one of these points:

- Not following the appeal format given in the Appeal Guideline Thread
- Adding (seemingly) untruthful information
- Failing to add an actual unban reason
- Attempting to evade the punishment using different accounts
- Reacting to justified ban without seriousity or acting disrespectful
- Generally not being welcomed on the server (This isn't the case here)

With that being the case, your appeal has been denied!
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