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1. My discord name is NoHacksJustBunny#3408

2. My minecraft name is PlayWithBunny_

3. My time is Europe (EST)

4. Im 17 year old

5. Nope, not what i can remember.

6. My name is Molla, im 17 years old i live in Sweden and i like helping out people and i always like giving new players a little start so they can actuall start playing the server.

7. I think i should become Staff on Prismforge because i like helping other people im always active so if they have any questions they can ask me and im always nice to all the players and even to the new players which i give a good start to so they can start playing it for real.

8. Im fast to react if i see people fight in the chat so i either tell them to take it somewhere else or i warn them if they ignore me and contiunes being disrespectful.

9. Nope, Thank you sir.

10. Yes i read the whole Thread. Thank you.


PrismForge Owner
Staff Team
We appreciate you for taking interest in becoming apart of our Staff Team.
Unfortunately, your application has been DENIED for 1 or more of the following reasons:
- Not active enough in game
- Not active enough on discord
- Not enough effort* in your application
- Lack of maturity
- Applied too recently after previous application
- Have been recently punished for breaking the rules.
- Not meeting the requirements
- Didn't follow the application Format

We respectfully decline your application, and hope you learn from our requirements, and hope to see you again in applications at some point in the future!

Feel free to apply again in 1 month! Make sure to go over the requirements before applying.
If you have any questions feel free to ask!

*For applications, we expect users to take time in completing them, and answering each question with as much detail as possible.
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