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Content Creator Ranks!!!
Here are some things that apply to all of them.
> Upload/Stream once every 2 weeks (Of PrismForge)
> Make other content than just PrismForge (Minecraft Related)
> Videos have to stay up for 3 months

> Requires 100 Subs (Grow 10 subs a month to maintain rank)
> Streams need to reach 5 viewers and/or be up for 3 days
> Receive 50 Views in 24 Hours

> Requires 1k Subs
> Streams need to reach 20 Viewers and/or be up for 3 days.
> Receive Creator Rank and Perms on discord and server.
> Receive 50 views in 24 hours

> Requires 1k Subs, or Partner
> Streams need to reach 50 Viewers and/or be up for 3 days.
> Videos Need to reach 100 Views in 24 hours
> Receive the Red YouTube Rank Perms on discord and the server.

These positions are currently open, please make a ticket with a channel, a video of you on the channel with you talking in game chat.
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