Ban appeal


New member
1. Minecraft Username: TheReal0GMudbone / xSARTZETAKISx / JacePeters
2. Punishment (Ban/Mute/Warn): Perm ban
3. Punishment Reason: Illegal deals
4. When you were punished: June 6
5. Who were you punished by: Exo / Death / JeffHoLLiday
6. Why do you think you were punished: For illegal deals
7. Why do you believe your punishment should be appealed: Was going through the rules whilst doing the deal therefore didnt think what I did was illegal, once I was told it was illegal, yes I did argue but when I was asked to put the items in a chest as it wasn't right that I had them I did so with ease. Yes I definitely complained but I still think I was quite easy to work and cooperative. Wont happen again you can hold me to it.
8. What Server were you punished on? (F1, F2, Hub Ban): F2